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The Pet Grooming Studio - Mount Laurel NJ Dog & Cat Groomer

The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ is a full service grooming salon specializing in all breeds of dogs and cats. We have even been known to groom an occasional guinea pig and rabbit too!

Here are some of the professional pet grooming services we provide for all breeds of dogs and cats with tender loving care. And remember, we never use tranquilizers!

Our Services Include:

  • Brushing, Bathing and Blow Dry, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Clipping and Trimming as needed
  • Medicated Bath, Oatmeal, Organic Flea and Tick Shampoo or Dip at No Extra Charge if needed
  • Only $5 more for nail grinding with full grooming at customer's request
  • Only $5 more for anal glands expressed with full grooming at customer's request
  • We also offer teeth brushing for $10 first time, then only $5 afterwards with full grooming (every dog gets their very own private toothbrush that we keep here for them).

The Pet Grooming Studio - Mount Laurel NJ Dog & Cat Groomer

Pet Hair Dyeing

How about a little "Hair with Flair"!! We now offer the hottest new trend of hair dyeing for your pet! All dyes are completely non-toxic. Coloring results vary with coat type and breed. Prices start at $20 and up, and pricing varies dependent on the dye job.

Nail Trimming

  • Nail Clipping starts at $20 (additional fee may apply for dogs that need extra care), and Nail Clipping and Grinding combined starts at $25.
  • Cats' Nails start at $25 for all 4 feet, or $15 for hind feet only.

Dog Spa Services

Coming Soon!

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