Meet Our Groomers

Our pet groomers have many years of experience and a unique rapport with dog, cats, and all pets and animals. And as an added bonus, all of our groomers are certified in Pet CPR. You can be sure that your beloved furry friend will be in good hands with any of our wonderful groomers!

We are proud to announce that our entire staff of groomers and management are now COVID-19 certified! We are, and have been upon reopening, taking the proper steps and precautions to abide by the laws stated by our government in order to remain open, and we are doing everything possible to keep you and your pets safe! We're so happy to be back!


Christine - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

24+ Years of Experience
Specialties: All breeds, including cats
Certifications: Veterinary Assistance
Days Available: Tuesday through Saturday

Ever since she was a little girl, Christine knew one day she would pursue a career working with animals. Upon graduating high school she found the chance to learn pet grooming and jumped at the opportunity. She also received certification for veterinary assistance through Burlington County Institute of Technology. She continued grooming with a love of the craft. For the past 24 years she has been perfecting the art of pet grooming. She loves being creative; in fact, you may see her own dog displaying pink fur or a blue mohawk! Having had several mastiffs over the years, she has a soft spot for larger breeds. Some of her favorite dog breeds to groom include Newfoundlands, Goldendoodles, Terriers, and many more.


Scott - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

26+ Years of Experience
Specialties: Hand Scissoring, Creative and Japanese Style Pet Grooming
Certifications: Canine CPR and First Aid
Days Available: Tuesday through Saturday

Scott has had a love of animals and pet grooming all his life. Although a classically trained artist, he has had a passion for grooming ever since high school. He's called everything from 18 foot long pythons to exotic Tegus and monitor lizards to Emperor Scorpions and Madagascar Cockroaches to cats and dogs his "fur children". He specializes in hand scissoring and creative grooming. His favorite breeds of dogs are Standard Poodles, Standard Schnauzers, and any kind of terriers and Bichon Frises. He currently has a senior Bichon Frise named Tank and two domestic shorthair kitties named River and Dalek Sek. Scott is engaged and has three children aged 7, 14 and 17.


Michelle P. - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

19+ Years of Experience
Specialties: All breeds, including cats. Pets with medical needs or temperamental issues.
Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Michelle P. started pet grooming in June of 1997 after graduating high school. She began her grooming career here at the Pet Grooming Studio, where the owner, Lisa, taught her how to groom from the beginning. Michelle loves all animals and is able to groom all breeds of dogs and cats, but she specializes in grooming dogs with special needs, such as temperamental dogs, or pets with special medical needs. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and several rescued fur babies.


Michelle U. - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

24+ Years of Experience
Specialties: All dog breeds
Days Available: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Michelle is a graduate of Delaware Valley College (now University), with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. She started working at The Pet Grooming Studio to fulfill a course requirement for school and never left. Michelle has had dogs all her life and has always known she wanted to work with animals. The love and attachment she has towards her clients has kept her with The Pet Grooming Studio for over 24 years. The flexible schedule allows her to be home in Delran to attend her two daughters' sporting events and other activities. Michelle is also a mom to 2 rescued fur babies, a boxer/pit bull mix named Sammy and a bunny named Bella.


Marianne - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

22+ Years of Experience
Specialties: All breeds, including cats

Marianne has been a professional pet groomer for 22 years. Her love of animals has been life-long and stems from her childhood. She grew up with Mastiffs, a German Shepherd mix and a Border Collie. She currently is the proud pet mom of three English Bulldogs and two rescued cats. Marianne strives to make your pet's grooming experience as stress-free as possible and takes pride in her work. Marianne loves grooming large dogs that other groomers sometimes can't handle. She especially loves to groom Shih Tzu's, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, mixed breeds, and also loves grooming cats.


Jean - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

25+ Years of Experience
Specialties: All dog breeds. Shy or nervous dogs.
Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Jean has been grooming dogs for a little over 25 years. She was introduced to pet grooming by a friend many years ago. Jean has always had a great passion and love for all animals, and has experience with all breeds. Jean says working with dogs every day has brought great joy into her life. Jean also specializes in dogs that are shy or nervous.


Stacey - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

Stacey has been part of our grooming family since 2017. She was a hairdresser for 25 years until she decided to pursue her true calling and that was dog grooming. With her sweet demeanor and loving words, her favorite thing to do is sing to the dogs as she grooms. During her downtime you will find her talking to and hanging out with the other dogs in the studio. Stacey grooms all breeds but Yorkies hold a special place in her heart. Nervous, anxious and shy dogs seem to take a liking to her as she works with them to gain their trust and learn that grooming can be fun and relaxing. On her days off you can find her at one of her favorite places, the dog park, doing what she loves most, which is playing with other people's dogs! There is not a dog that can walk by her without her saying hello and showing them some love!


Ashley - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

As long as Ashley can remember she's loved animals. Throughout high school and college she volunteered at local SPCAs to help take care of homeless dogs, and when she graduated she knew she wanted to keep working with animals. Lucky for her, a local shop was hiring groomers, and she jumped at the chance to make dogs look and feel their best. She loves working with all dogs, especially dogs that are nervous, shy or fearful, and that might need a little extra love and attention while they're getting pampered. Ashley also loves working on her Doodles from large to small! She's a proud fur-mom to her two cats Stella and Oliver.


Cici - Groomer at The Pet Grooming Studio in Mount Laurel NJ

As the newest member to our family, Cici is a natural groomer! Cici has lived in South Jersey since immigrating to the U.S. from Changhun, China in 2016 and has a beautiful daughter attending College in China. Cici was a hairstylist for 19 years but knew that pet grooming was her calling. She takes her grooming very serious and is extremely detailed. She treats her dogs with love, as if they were her own. Your dog will get the same treatment whether it's a Lab or a Doodle. Cici loves working on Poodles, Doodles, all Terriers, Shih-Tzu's and all mixed breeds, and rescues hold a special place in her heart!

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